Professional Development for Groups

Providing practical academic continuing education training for staff and faculty

The goal of Frontline Academics is to assess where teaching and learning rhythms are now and to determine what changes will need to be made before they need to be made. While our educational philosophy does use best practices to understand the current educational landscape, it is not limited by what has worked in the past. Many times, educational institutions are either trying to stay on the “cutting edge” of pedagogy or are woefully behind the curve. Our objective is to avoid either extreme. Why? Because employing a new technology or teaching style too early can alienate your students and/or fellow faculty. Often, these approaches lack the proper support and longevity needed to avoid losing money and time already scarce in education. Similarly, we must avoid sticking with a “tried and true” approach for too long. While time-tested technology and pedagogy are reliable, they often fain compared to what today’s students have in their pockets. Phones, tablets, and laptops are evolving quicker than we can keep track of and education needs to be pacing itself at a healthy but sustainable distance. This will require a commitment to improvement and a steady hand of patience from faculty and leadership.

Frontline Academics’ Professional Development program focuses on engagement, excitement, and encouragement. That is because authors like Stephen Krashen write that students suffer from the effects of three primary “filters” that limit their ability to learn well: anxiety, motivation, and self-confidence. When the student is adequately engaged with the material, their anxiety is reduced. Also, most learners feel increasingly motivated when they are excited to learn. And finally, self-confidence is best developed through encouragement. These three learning barriers may be evident to the seasoned teacher, but many of us were not trained to identify such markers. Our program offers several methods of improving your in-class techniques that will benefit your students in countless ways. We also provide training for online course design and distance learning philosophies to enhance the teaching and learning experience. We must be striving to advance our understanding of technology and the ever-changing learning developments that come with it.

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Purpose Statement

We aim to develop excellent teachers who engage minds, excite passions, and encourage hearts through informed didactics and creative pedagogies for God’s glory.

Vision Statement

To challenge and sharpen teachers to be their best to enrich our schools and glorify the Kingdom of God.


$750 per day

Includes 3 two-hour sessions


Your School, Office, or Institution


Based on your break and holiday schedule

Available Specialties To Choose From

Socratic Teaching

Discussion-guided teaching based on questions and student engagement.

Leading Discussions

The ability to ask the right questions the right way to create lively classroom discussion.

Online Course Design

The most effective methods for teaching asynchronistic courses.

Assessment Design

Creating quality quizzes, tests, and exams that focus on effective questions and avoiding common mistakes.

Classroom Management

Creating and managing a peaceful classroom with specific rules and procedures.

Biblical Integration

Intentional ways to keep the Word of God at the center of any course.

Classroom Technology

Using modern means to educate modern minds.

Conflict Management

Controlling your emotions and those of your students.

Energy Management

How to capture and release your students’ energy for everyone’s benefit.

Suggested Topics Are Also Welcomed

More Detailed Information

We offer three standard options, but custom sessions can be created if desired:

One-Day Professional Development for Groups for $750
Choice of any three Specialties from the list above (6 hours)

Two-Day Professional Development for Groups for $1500
Choice of any six Specialties from the list above (12 hours)

Three-Day Professional Development for Groups for $2250
Choice of any nine Specialties from the list above (18 hours)

Flexible Scheduling

We offer this continuing education training multiple times each year depending on your group’s availability:

  • Summer Break
  • Fall Break
  • Winter Break
  • Spring Break

Your Groups Will Learn

  • More efficient teaching through discussion-based classes and modern approaches 
  • More effective learning focused on retention and engagement 
  • Strong and clear leadership that emphasizes people instead of policies

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